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I cannot thank Northland Heating and cooling enough, every interaction was great. Excellent customer service and the installers were extremely knowledgeable. They went above and beyond.  

Beth Clark

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Furnace Services

Heating Services near Columbus, Ohio

Ohio residents know there are times when having a properly working heating system is not only essential for comfort, but also for safety. Call Northland Heating & Cooling if you need your furnace and heating equipment looked at for maintenance or repairs. We offer a full range of services and can assess and repair all brands and models of home heating units. We can also be at your door same day, when necessary, if you’re experiencing a heating emergency and need help right away. We are family owned and operated which means we treat each customer like family – we’d never leave you out in the cold!

Furnace Replacement Installation

If your heating equipment is 10-15 years old and is not heating your home like it used to, it may be nearing the end of its optimal life. Even high-quality systems will eventually lose efficiency and will need to be replaced. Our installation experts will come to your home and let you know how much time your furnace has left and can make recommendations on a new unit. Newer systems are much more energy efficient than models available even just a few years ago, which means your new unit will start saving you money on your energy bills. Contact Northland Heating & Cooling today and find out about our superior HVAC installation services