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A quality water heater will last 8-10 years on average. If your water heater is fairly new, you probably aren’t concerned about your water heater breaking down. However, after your water heater gets to be few years old, you need to think about repairs or replacement before it hits end-of-life. Water heaters are a major home convenience and waiting for a breakdown comes with serious consequences. When they break, they usually flood the floor they are located in. You may also be without service until a replacement can be found and scheduled. For these reasons, it’s important to select a quality water heater for your home in Columbus, OH and the surrounding metro areas. It’s an important home plumbing component and it is best to have a professional guide you on selecting the appropriate water heater for your home. To get your water heater repaired, serviced, or replaced, call us today at (614) 268-3933!

Selecting the right water heater to match your home can be a daunting task with so many options to choose from. There are gas water tank heaters, electric tank water heaters, tankless water heaters, and even hybrid water heaters. That’s why you need a local professional to help guide you in making a decision. For guidance and service, Northland Heating and Cooling is your local expert professional water heater installer.

Benefits of Gas Tank Water Heaters

Gas tank water heaters provide the easiest installation and are the lowest cost to operate. There are many sizes and multiple venting options models to fit any home. Gas tank water heaters store a supply of hot water in 40 to 120 gallon tanks, making it available when you need it most. Quality gas tank water heaters are long lasting with limited warranties that range from 6 to 10 years. This ensures that your home has quality hot water for many years.

Benefits of Electric Tank Water Heaters

The top benefit of electric tank water heaters is that they are energy-efficient solutions for your home’s water heating needs. For instance, top brand electric tank water heaters have a UEF rating between .89 and 3.45. The result is that they help you save energy in your home.

Electric water heaters are less expensive upfront and are not dependent on the availability of gas supply lines or venting outlet pipes at the installation location. Although the recovery rate of electric water heaters is slower compared to gas water heaters, electric models are less expensive to purchase and the installation costs are typically lower.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters

The leading benefit of electric tankless water heaters is that they provide continuous hot water when sized appropriately for the size of the home. Another benefit is that electric tankless water heaters are space saving. They are lightweight and easy-to-install with wall mounting in small or tight home spaces.

Lastly, unlike gas tankless water heaters, electric tankless units do not depend on venting to operate, which further saves on space and initial installation costs.

To learn more about getting a new water heater, contact Northland Heating and Cooling today!